Streamlining AIOU Enrollment for 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

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We know it is very hard to find the complete information as well as process details of our related which you want to know. To view this challenge we provide you with complete detailed information as well as step-by-step guidance for AIOU Enrollment. Here you will find comprehensive information covering every aspect of Enrollment in detail for national and international students.

Understanding AIOU:

Allama Iqbal Open University, a public university named after Allama Muhammad Iqbal, is the world fifth fifth-largest learning institution. The university offers a wide range of courses from Matriculation to Doctorate. Its primary objective is to provide education to those who can’t attend regular classes, offering online classes with flexibility in time.

Why Choose AIOU:

Advantages of AIOU:

  • AIOU is flexible in learning and scheduling.
  • AIOU offers a wide range of programs.
  • The degrees of AIOU is recognized nationally and internationally.
  • To make education accessible to all, it offers regular as well as online classes for its students.

Admission Procedure:

The admission procedure contains the following steps

Enrollment Login for Spring & Autumn:

AIOU Enrollment Login is the quickest way to get details like statistics, previous results, or upcoming results. AIOU Enrollment is also an opportunity for fresh students because you can see all the details related to the student on a single link.

AIOU Enrollment

Online Admission Form

The first step to take for education achievement is to fill out the admission form which is given below:

User ID and Password:

The first step is to get your user ID provided by the university after your admission is confirmed. The password of the User ID is sent to you by SMS on the number you provided. The password contains small and capital alphabetical letters and also some numbers, and it is advised that do not share your credentials with anyone otherwise others may see your profile.

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Creating the Profile

After clicking on the Online admission form, you have to create your profile on the AIOU portal with your email ID. It is also to note that mobile number isn’t acceptable in this section.

Creating the profile

Online Registration:

AIOU has started the online registration for the upcoming 2023 semester, including Matric, FA, ADA, BS, MS, and M.Phil programs. You can also check the enrollment status as

Completion of admission form:

Once your profile is created, you have to complete the admission form providing your accurate and up-to-date information.

Admission Form

Selecting the desired program:

AIOU offers different types of programs of all levels, it is up to you to choose the program that aligns with your academic goals.

Select the program

Uploading of required documentation:

The next step is to upload the documents that are required for a specific program and make sure that the documents are clear and legal.

Uploading Required Documents

Submit your Application form:

After reviewing the uploaded documents and your admission form, you have to submit the application form which is the critical step in the enrollment process.

Submitting the Application

Fee Payment:

Now you have to click the payment link button to proceed with your application process.

Download the fee payment challan:

After that, you can download the challan form.

Payment Verification:

You can visit the website to verify your payment.

Confirmation of payment:

After the payment, you will get a notification along with the Order ID. Note your Order ID for further proceedings.

Email Confirmation:

You will get an email for your admission confirmation, keep the Order ID safe until your admission is confirmed.

Admission Procedure for International Students:

There is a specific admission procedure to follow for international students. A summarized version of what needs to be done is as follows:

  • Visit the AIOU website at
  • You need to Create a profile using your email ID (mobile number not applicable).
  • You need to fill out the admission form, select your desired program, and upload the necessary documents.
  • After that submit your application.
  • Then proceed to the fee payment section.
  • Save the Order ID for reference.
  • You will get an email confirmation of your admission.

Step-by-Step Guide to Fill Up the Online Application Form:

Creating Your Account:

  • Go to the AIOU website.
  • Then under the admission tab click on “Online Admission Forms”.
  • After that select “Admission for Fresh Applicants” (international students should use their email).
  • You need to follow the steps to create your account.
  • In the end, you need to verify your email and password.

Selecting Your Program:

  • Click on the tab “Apply for New Program.”
  • Then choose “Open Distance Learning Program.”
  • After that, you need to select your desired degree program.
  • You will need to provide the required information about your previous degree.

Providing Academic Information:

You will be asked to fill in details about your previous degree, including roll number, exam type, grading, and marks.

Uploading Required Documents:

  • Then go through sections like Program of Study, your Personal Information, your Academic Record, Professional Experience, Course Information, Photographs, and documents.
  • You have to upload the required documents in the specified format.

Payment Process:

  • You need to pay your fee online after completing the admission form for BS(4 years), Associate degree Programs, B.E.D Programs, Online Certificates, and Post Graduate Diplomas.
  • Follow the instructions for a successful payment.
  • Professional Experience is required for some Programs and if you don’t have work experience, mention it in the Professional Experience section and save your progress.

Professional Experience (For Some programs):

Indicate in the professional section if you do not have the experience and save the progress.

Campus personal information:

Campus information contains two things one is demographic information which students can review citizenship, country, city, etc.  The second thing is personal information which contains personal information like CNIC, Student ID Telephone, etc.

AIOU Exams and Grades:

AIOU has an updated grades system where you can see your results and these grades will be automatically updated on the Enrollment CMS as the results are announced.  Exam schedules, results & grades can be reviewed and this section is very beneficial for the students.

M Tutor of AIOU:

Many years ago, you had to submit your assignment physically at the tutor’s address. But technology made it easy, you write your assignment and submit it online to your tutor.

My Financial Account:

My Financial Account is the advanced feature presented by the AIOU on the Enrollment page. Here students are facilitated by the concession in the fee and fee return if they deserve or are eligible. Some other features of this section are:

  • Account Balance
  • Charges Due
  • Payment History
  • Account Inquiry

Student Service Request:

There are many other features that students avail of by clicking a new request and are given:

  • Apply for AIOU Financial Aid / Scholarship
  • AIOU Fee Refund
  • Other Fee Challan/Invoice
  • Correction in personal information

Mailing Book tracking:

Here, you can get a follow-up of the AIOU Books. As you know, it is very difficult to get hard copies of the books, for this AIOU provides their students with the soft book which can be downloaded on the portal as per subject.

Degree and transcript tracking:

The Degree or the transcript is sent by the university to the student’s address after successful completion of the semesters. And through this section, you can apply for our degree.    

Forget User ID and Password:

If you forget the password of your portal of AIOU, you can go through the following steps to reset your password or user ID:

  • Visit AIOU’s official website (
  • Go to the student/candidate tab.
  • Select the CMS and proceed to the CMS login page.
  • Once there, click the “Forget Password” link and it will redirect to your password reset page.

Semesters Enrollment:

SemesterEnrollment PeriodClasses Start
Spring SemesterNovember to FebruaryMarch
Autumn SemesterMay to AugustSeptember


Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is the world fifth fifth-largest learning university named after the great poet Allam Muhammad Iqbal. To make education accessible all around Pakistan, AIOU Offers many programs from Matric to Doctoratem, providing both physical and online services to the students.

The University provides step-by-step guidance to the AIOU Enrollment process feasible for both national and international students the university also leverage technology for the submission of assignment, financial accounts access, service request as well and book tracking to provide a seamless experience to the students. AIOU not only imparts knowledge but also guides the educational journey from enrollment to graduation.   


For enrollment in AIOU, you need to visit the AIOU official website, you will find the information about the programs available and the enrollment process.

The enrollment period at AIOU varies from semester to semester but you can find the exact enrollment dates on the university’s official website.

AIOU provides different methods for paying fees, including online banking, bank draft, and mobile banking.

AIOU provides study materials and books to enrolled students via the postal service.

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